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Choosing the Right Person – Tips and Advice from Experts

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“Picking the right person for the right reasons at the right time is an art form.”

Rightly said by Dr. Goldsmith, picking the right person is an art indeed. Choose the wrong person and your whole life is turmoil, whereas with the right person you will have a smooth sailing life. But, how would you know if the person you’ve chosen is right or not? We’ve collected some expert tips that will help you make the right decision

Haste is not the way to go

Every age is the right age to get married. Just because all your friends are getting married or you’ve crossed a certain age, doesn’t mean you should rush too. Marriage is not a race to the altar. Take the time to know the person and be sure that a life with this person has the potential to get better before making the decision.

Give someone unusual a chance

It is common to be drawn to a certain personality type. However, you may want to reconsider your requisites and accept that considering someone who isn’t your type could also lead to a fulfilling, meaningful relationship. Give that person a chance, get to know them, and then decide if they are the right match for you or not.

Put that checklist away

When it comes to finding the right person, everyone has a checklist. This list that includes various traits and qualities can in fact be something that might keep you away from a great match. Do not disregard a match just because they don’t meet one or two attributes. It’s more important that you match with your partner on an emotional level, rather than tick all the boxes on that checklist.

Don’t pressurize yourself or the person

Many kinds of pressures can exist in a relationship. It is crucial that you both have the maturity to work on the internal & external pressures affecting your relationship. Build a relationship with a lot of open communications and with ample space to grow individually.

Be yourself

Lastly, find someone that you can be yourself with. As cliche as it may sound, picking a partner that lets you be you, is very important. Often as the excitement fades off many find themselves caught up in their partner’s experience at the cost of their own. Don’t lose your identity while trying to please others. An ideal relationship is one where you feel good about being yourself. 

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